June 24, 2023

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Caiti and Dan’s wedding was truly breathtaking. Their profound love radiated throughout the entire day, leaving everyone in awe. I was astonished when I discovered that they had handcrafted most of the wedding decorations themselves. Their talent and dedication were simply remarkable.

The outdoor ceremony right by the water at Cousiac Manor was absolutely amazing. It had beautiful touches like Caiti singing a heartfelt song to Dan, a touching sand ceremony where guests added sand to a jar, and a meaningful poem recited by Caiti’s beloved grandfather. These heartfelt moments made the ceremony truly enchanting.

Now, let me share a glimpse into their captivating love story:

“It was the Spring of 2018, Dan swept Caiti off her feet on the dance floor at Eclipse. It wasn’t the regular Nick’s Country Bar spot but they both happen to be out at Eclipse that same night and shared a connection on the dance floor that they’ll never forget. Dan asked, “Do you know the El Paso?” It was a couple’s dance that was popular on the local dance floor. Being a country line dancer fanatic, Caiti didn’t know many partner dances yet. “No, not this one,” Caiti answered. Dan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s my job to make you look good.” Dan offered his hand and away they went.

Dan taught her a few partner dance moves and Caiti taught him a few of her own. They connected on and off the dance floor as their dance partnership grew each week they met at Nick’s. Caiti would look for Dan each week after line dance classes and he would come dance her off her feet every time. As Summer came, their partnership led them from dancing to hiking as they went on their first date in Shenandoah. Can you believe Dan just decided to hop in Caiti’s car and take a 2 1/2 hr road trip to chase water falls together? It was the perfect day with sunshine, tall trees, waterfalls, and a long journey to the overlook at the top.

They took in so much beauty together although they were mostly focused on the laughs and stories that they shared while getting to know each other more deeply than before. They were different when they came back down the mountain. Somehow the climb together changed their friendship into a beautiful love story.

Since then, Dan and Caiti have kept the annual tradition of visiting Shenandoah each year and recently took their engagement photos here in the beautiful fall foliage of the mountains. That dance and hike might have kick started everything about 5 years ago, but they have certainly danced and climbed over many mountains together in their love story since then and are stronger for it each day.

Dan and Caiti continue to share the joys of dancing, hiking, camping, laughing, and supporting each other in their individual interests of football, music, and jazzercise. Their love for each other still grows every day.”

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Venue: Cousiac Manor

Wedding Planner: Illumination Events Studio

Videographer: Guy in the Sky

Floral: Erica Hinkle Events

HMU:  FBJ Weddings

Dress: Elegant Forever Bridal Boutique

Caterer: Mission BBQ

DJ: Black Tie Entertainment DJ: Rick Pfamatter